Cylon Retail Solutions Multi-Site HVAC
Efficiency, Comfort, and Control

HVAC Solutions for Multi-Site Retail:

Improve your HVAC efficiency while ensuring shopper comfort

Reducing costs associated with lighting using Cylon Retail Solutions energy management is a great place to start.

Our optional integrated thermostat-HVAC controllers eliminate the need for controls mounted in rooftop units, lowering install costs and reducing service costs. With our additional systems monitoring capabilities, store operations can monitor the performance of each unit to determine if they are operating at peak efficiency.

With this centralized visibility, you can reduce emergency service calls and preserve your operating margin. What would it mean to your business if you could save countless hours every month spent reacting to unforeseen outages and routine maintenance and unforeseen outages. Cylon Retail Solutions energy management solutions allow you to:

  • View live store information via the Web
  • Remotely diagnose and predict problems
  • Automate dispatching to repair
  • Optimize HVAC performance

Adding Integration and Brainpower to your HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling uses a considerable amount of energy in retail stores — and the bills from utility provide the proof.  Cylon Retail Solutions integrates with the world’s leading HVAC systems (including BACnet-based systems) to gain new control over how your stores are using energy. Advanced algorithms automatically turn key systems on and off for smart usage—and to ensure a comfortable ambient environment in every store, adjusting as conditions change. By integrating with our EMS, energy managers can participate in demand response and demand limiting programs to save even more.

Simplified HVAC Schedules


Energy Managers and Store Operators can use our simplified command and control scheduling interface to create and customize systems at each location or in regions. Pre-cooling or pre-heating stores when energy is less expensive helps avoid peak charges. That is just one of the many ways in which using thoughtful scheduling can improve operations.



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