The newly branded CBT-STAT-CYL and CBT-STAT-H-CYL now showcase the Cylon logo that carries with it over 30 years of industry knowledge, integrity, and professionalism in Building Automation and Controls.

The CBT-STAT(-H)-CYL provide a visually appealing room control display that is for use with Cylon’s CB Line BACnet® field controllers. The CB Line controllers automatically detect the presence of the CBT-STAT(-H) and self-configure to utilize it as the control interface. When the CBT-STAT(-H) is in Engineering Mode, the display can be used as the setup and commissioning tool, including the setup of the communications parameters, all default settings, and a complete balancing of the VAV box when connected to the CBV Series of controllers.
Benefits include:

  • Reduced installation labor and faster commissioning time
  • Remote access to controller state, setpoints and commands
  • Password protected
  • Access to configuration parameters
  • Local alarming

The American Auto-Matrix branded Intelligent Room Sensors CBT-STAT-AAM and CBT-STAT-H-AAM, continue to be available for legacy projects.