Export, PA –November 8, 2018 – Cylon Auto-Matrix, a leader in smart buildings and energy efficiency technology, today announced new updates and products in INTEGRATM.


The INTEGRA IT-8000 is an embedded Internet of Things (IoT), BTL-listed BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) that connects to Cylon’s CB Line of BACnet® field controllers. The IT-8000 is also capable of connection and network management of a variety of diverse devices and subsystems using various protocols including, but not limited to, Modbus™ and LonWorks™.

When connected to an Ethernet or wireless LAN, the IT-8000 uses Internet connectivity and web-serving capability to provide integrated control, supervision, network management, scheduling, data logging, alarming, and rich graphical displays through a standard Web browser.

The IT-8000 has a bold and intuitive interface. Modern and easy to use, the platform utilizes HTML5 to provide an array of rich features. The powerful new UI framework makes the user experience simpler and more robust, giving maximum control of data and decisions. The optimized workflow allows users to find and visualize data points quickly based on a powerful tagging system.

A truly open framework, IT-8000 delivers a variety of notable improvements to take full advantage of the IoT, including advanced visualization, search, security and navigation tools. With the now tripled number of drivers available, the ability to communicate with even more building controls offers development of cutting-edge building automation devices.

The IT-8000 now carries the federal standard for approved cryptographic modules (FIPS). This security standard is required to bid jobs related to government infrastructure and other mission-critical industries.

Introducing Cylon INTEGRA-ProPack

The INTEGRA-ProPack is a Cylon Niagara service designed to simplify the engineering and programming of the IT-8000 network controller.  Available on Cylon’s IT-8000 controllers, the INTEGRA-ProPack imports the CXproHD database into the IT-8000 and automatically creates the BACnet network, devices and controller points.  This service is designed to reduce deployment time when connecting the IT-8000 to Cylon BACnet field controllers. INTEGRA-ProPack requires Niagara or higher.

Benefits of the INTEGRA-ProPack

  • Turns data into actionable intelligence
  • Quickly develop your BACnet network, devices, and points
  • Simplified tool helps develop energy-efficient smart buildings
  • Easy integration
  • Money-saving import tool

Applications and Features

The IT-8000 Niagara 4.6 release modernizes the framework and provides fertile ground for developing applications that drive building automation systems forward.

  • FIPS – Federally standard approved cryptographic modules
  • Easily customize dashboards
  • Increased drivers to optimize efficient communications and a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • New “quick-pick” bundles
  • Niagara station search
  • Workbench workflow improvements
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Pluggable authentication schemes
  • Improved UI developer experience (BajaScript 2.0)
  • Station templating
  • Advanced charting and visualization

About Cylon Auto-Matrix

Cylon Auto-Matrix is a leader in the development of smart energy management systems for buildings. Established in 1986, our global offering delivers scalable designs and fleXible™ building solutions that allow smart devices, systems, and people to connect more easily. We deliver the buildings of tomorrow, today.
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