Automating EMS Best Practices

One of the challenges that corporate facility managers at retail stores face is how to instill energy management best practices that store managers consistently implement.  A case in point, during an energy audit of a store in understanding how the store was running we discovered that a local electrician had told the manager, “Don’t turn off the lights…they will last longer if you just leave them on.”  For T8 fluorescent lights this is true.  Fluorescent lights can last almost twice as long if you don’t turn them off1.  But if you think about it, leaving the lights on all the [...]

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Three Reasons you Should Care about Enterprise Level Command & Control for Lighting

Steady improvements have been made to basic energy management systems over the past decade. When building owners of individual buildings need to create and set lighting schedules they can get by with rather simple lighting presets for on/off in various areas. However, for those who manage hundreds or even thousands of buildings or stores scattered across the country, management gets significantly more complicated really quickly. Before we get into the solution, let’s examine the problem in a bit more detail. First, when we talk about enterprise control, bear in mind that we are typically describing a portfolio of thousands of [...]

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Philips Teletrol to Exhibit at EEI National Key Accounts Workshop Fall 2017

Philips Teletrol will be showcasing leading energy management solutions at this year's EEI National Key Accounts Workshop in National Harbor, MD. More information on the event can be found here.  

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